20' x 55' BYPASS CHAMBER - UPPER BRAES - Houston, TX

1. Project Location: Upper Braes WWTP, Houston, TX

2. Diameter of line, sewer pipe material (RCP, MCIP, brick, etc.), length of rehab portion:  New Construction of a by-pass chamber was constructed to give a lift station mean of bypassing.  Danby was installed to provide a corrosion resistance to the by-pass chamber.  The chamber is 20’ x 55’ deep, was installed in 10’ sections.

3. When was it constructed and how long has it been in service: Constructed in October 2013.

4. Rehab method usedFlat Panels were installed in 10’ sections.

5. Cleaning method used (if required) and who cleaned the line: N/A – New construction.

6. Method of flow bypass or diversion, if used: The WWTP was bypassed, installed well points as necessary

7. Depth of pipe: 55'

8. Depth of ground water: N/A.

9. Ventilation and odor control used: Forced air was supplied

10. Construction cost (total amount and cost per foot): Unknown

11. Month and year of start-up and end of construction: 10-2013 to 05-2014 (Additional work was performed under this contract)

13. Problems encountered after construction: None.

14. Health and safety: None.

15. Has any re-inspection been performed?  Yes, in 2016, the chamber was 3 Years old. Chamber was found to be in great shape and is being used for other projects that require the lift station to be by-passed.