1. Project Location: Matagorda, TX

2. Diameter of line, sewer pipe material (RCP, MCIP, brick, etc.), length of rehab portion: 

Drainage Structure #2 - 42” CMP 345 LF

Drainage structure #4 - 48” CMP 88 LF

Drainage structure #5 - 42” CMP 75 LF

3. When was it constructed and how long has it been in service: Unknown.

4. Rehab method used:  Danby PL3 1/2" Sprial wound method.

5. Cleaning method used (if required) and who cleaned the line: Hydoblasting with 8000 psi water pressure and debris removal.

6. Method of flow bypass or diversion, if used: Weirs were built around the ends of the structures

8. Depth of ground water: N/A.

9. Ventilation and odor control used: Forced air was supplied where needed, other pipes were open on both ends.

10. Construction cost (total amount and cost per foot): $594,550 / $1170.38 (avg)

11. Month and year of start-up and end of construction: June 2013 to October 2013

13. Problems encountered after construction: Alligators in the pipes!  Each day the pipes were checked daily to make sure no alligators were in the pipes.

14. Health and safety: Conventional confined space protocol was used.

15. Has any re-inspection been performed?  No.


Jennier Steen, P.E.

Halff & Associates


Structure # 4 - 48"

Structure # 5 - 42"