Developed in Australia in 1984, and patented in the U.S. in 1987, Danby has been used successfully for rehabilitaion in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Japan, and Middle East ever since. Here are just a few of the advantages of using Danby PVC Lining:

  • 100% PVC - a rigid PVC liner

  • Structures will have improved hydraulics (Mannings n = 0.010)

  • Combines corrosion resistance of PVC and strength of cementious grout/concrete

When used in Rehab...

  • Classified as a Grout‐In‐Place Liner (GIPL) for Rehab

  • Will repair virtually any shape and size (36” and above) structure

  • Can rehab: corrugated metal, brick, concrete, and clay pipe, culverts and other non‐circular structures

  • 100% trenchless rehab solution ‐ a man‐entry system with no access pit required

  • The Danby Rennovation Method replaces missing/deteriorated concrete and then some to bring the host pipe back to original thickness

Danby PVC Lining has been successfully installed in pipes and structures ranging in diameters as small as 36” to 180”. Since Danby can be supplied in either coils or flat panels cut to predetermined length, it can conform to practically any shape:

  • Circular (360°)

  • Partial Lining (270°, 240°, etc.)

  • Box Structures

  • Manholes and junction chambers

  • Oval, arch, semi‐elliptical, horseshoe and egg‐shaped pipes

  • Wet wells

  • Tunnels

  • New Precast pipes, manholes and box culverts

  • Cast-in-Place chambers, manhole and lids


When using Danby PVC lining as a Renovation System, Danby is a Grouted-in-Place spiral wound PVC liner that produces a renovated pipe which is a layered composite of PVC Liner, cementious grout, and the original pipe. The combination of the ribbed profile on the PVC liner and the highly fluid nature of the grout produce a highly integrated structure with the PVC liner "tied" to the original pipe through the grout which, in addition, provides some direct repair of the old pipe. As used for man-entry pipes (> 36"), the structural strength of the renovated pipe is determined almost entirely by the grout characteristics and, of course, the condition of the old pipe. In this case, a wide range of design options are applicable for reinstating the structural integrity of the line. The cost effectiveness and functional advantages of the Danby system tend to increase with increased diameter.

Among others, the Danby system has been used in the Cities of Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco as well as Orange and Los Angeles Counties (CA), the Cities of Houston, Dallas and San Antonio (TX), The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission,Baltimore (MD), District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority, Hampton RoadsSanitary District (VA), the Cities of Miami, Orlando and West Palm Beach (FL), the Cities of Atlanta, Binghampton and Syracuse (NY), the City of Boise (ID)and numerous state DOT's and cities in Canada and Mexico.

Use of the Danby Pipe Renovation System for man-entry pipes results in minimum loss of diameter, improved hydraulic capacity, an effective barrier to hydrogen sulfide corrosion and greater flexibility in structural repair - all at a very competitive price.

The Danby System is especially applicable to non-circular shapes (arch, horseshoe, semi-elliptical, oval, egg, and box) and situations where sizes and shapes change in a pipe system. Danby is also effective for lining hydraulic structures (manholes, junction chambers, and pump station wet wells) and tunnels.