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Underground Construction Technology

UCT Is For...

Connect with the industry’s most influential water, sewer, gas, telecom and electric contractors, owners and operators during Underground Construction magazine’s Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition

July 13-15, 2021
Pre-UCT workshops: Monday, July 12

Music City Center | Nashville, TN


Stop by and say hi to Danby - Booth 303


Danby Rehab Solutions

Spiral Wound PVC Liner | Danby Rehab, LLC.

Spiral Wound PVC Liner

The Danby Pipe Renovation System is a Grout-in-Place spiral wound PVC liner that produces a renovated pipe which is a layered composite of PVC Liner, cementious grout, and the original pipe. The combination of the ribbed profile on the PVC liner and the highly fluid nature of the grout produce a highly integrated structure with the PVC liner "tied" to the original pipe through the grout which, in addition, provides some direct repair of the old pipe.

Spiral Wound PVC Liner
Modular System Design | Danby Rehab, LLC.

Modular System Design

Our modular system works in similar fashion as Spiral wound, the combination of the PVC liner and the cementitious grout provides failing structures a new corrosion resistent surface with structural backing to extend the life of a lift station for over 50 years. The modular system is able to conform to a variety of shapes and sizes.

Modular System Design