6' x 6' Box Combo Sewer

Project Location
Mexicali, MX
Construction cost
Construction Start/End
10/2013 - 3 Weeks


When was it constructed and how long has it been in service:
Constructed in 1983, been in service for 30 years

Diameter of line, sewer pipe material (RCP, MCIP, brick, etc.), length of rehab portion: 6.56’ x 6.56’ Box RCP Combo sanitary and storm sewer, 150 LF test section

Depth of pipe:
Depth of ground water:
Health and safety:
Has any re-inspection been performed? What was the condition of the pipe?


Ventilation and odor control used:
Forced air was supplied
Rehab method used:
The Commission chose to use a spiral wound method using the Danby PL3 1” profile with a finished ID of 6’.
Cleaning method used (if required) and who cleaned the line:
Hydro-blasting with 5K to 8K psi water pressure, self-performed by Contractor, SOLSUB Constructors from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico partnering with TES, Inc. of Tecate, CA
Method of flow bypass or diversion, if used:
A weir was built and (2) internal bypass pipes installed


Problems encountered during construction:
Problems encountered after construction:
One of the challenges came when a separate contractor working upstream of the rehab section had to pull their plug, releasing the flow every 4th day. Proper notifications were given 3 hours in advance of the flow release giving the crews working downstream an opportunity to secure the work area and evacuate. Once the plug was reinstated, it took approx. 3 hours to clean up and proceed with the installation.